X-RAY Pad Aqua Control 2 XL

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Aqua Control 2, it likes soft plastic surface, which offers the faster moving speed with good control. Hybrid, Control Amundsen surface focuses on low initial friction, speed and control. Stopping power is good.

AC II: suitable for games like APEX, PUBG, LOL and OW that require a large number of camera angles and guns. Or players who like smooth hand feel.

  • Surface: Non Coating Rougher Amundsen fabric.
     Mouse pad Type: Speed and Control
     Strong Non-Slip: the rubber base upgrade to 4mm thick more grip
     Flat Edge Stitched: stitching is closer and flush with the surface
     Strong Stopping Power: stop movement instantly and easily.
     Environment:Suitable for sweaty hands & humidity weather.
  • Thickness: 4mm thick
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